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Sunil Chaudhari

Assoicate Scientist
Hyderabad, India
Working as an Associate Scientist at Groundnut Breeding, Asia-Program, ICRISAT Patancheru. I am responsible for a wide array of activities related to groundnut breeding such as designing product profile and breeding strategies, early generation selection based on phenotypic and genotypic data, collaborating with NARS scientist of different Asian countries to conduct multi-location evaluation trials. High throughput phenotyping for nutritional quality traits such as oil, protein and fatty acid profile using Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy. He is also working on Rapid Generation Turnover (RGT) and Genomic Selection to deliver the product at a faster rate and accelerating the genetic gains for complex traits. Also responsible for the execution of activities of the project entitled “Enhancing groundnut productivity and profitability for smallholder farmers in Asia through varietal technologies” being implemented in six Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam).
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