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Sriram Bharatam

KUZA Technologies
Nairobi, Kenya
Sri is committed to supporting youth, women and micro-entrepreneurs from the Low-middle-income countries (LMIC) by helping them to learn-connect-grow @SCALE on-their-own-terms, at-their-own-convenience using digital technologies. 

To mobilize public, private and philanthropy sectors as a system, address complex challenges and opportunities across sectors (Health, Agriculture, WASH), Sri uses Digital Platforms and Exponential Technologies that facilitate economic activities and accelerate problem-solving. His initiatives have impacted over 4.8 million youth and created 150,223 new jobs across Africa and Asia. 

KUZA’s Digital Agriculture platform (KUZA_Edge) provides crop advisories, organizes inputs, credit, and markets for over 225,000 smallholder farmers across 4,288 remote villages. KUZA won the World Summit Award, featured in CTA Digitalization-of-African-agricultural-report and GIZ Made-in-Africa. 

Sri is a leading Social Entrepreneur and Innovator. He is an alumnus of MIT, a nominee of Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’, a winner of ‘Kauffman award for Social Entrepreneurship’ and ‘EO Global Citizen of the year award’.
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